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2018 WC Juniors and EC Youth

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International IFI Moments 2016

Below, you can download the most relevant documents regarding the World Championships for Juniors U 23 as well as for the European Championships 2018 Youth U16 and U19.

NEW! Results:

Lists of participants

Time tables

More infos

World Championships 2018 Women+Men

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Icestock WM 2018

The Icestock World Championships 2018 in Amstetten und Winklarn (AUT) are highly likely going to be The IFI Sports Event Of The Year! A complete region is looking forward to seeing the athletes from all over the Icestock World. Thus, take note now of the days from the 20th of Febraury until the 3rd of March and save them into your calendar as the Big Event of the New Year! Be sure, you will experience there “friend- and sportmansip” with a very unique Austrian hospitality.

The organisation of the event has been going full spped since many months and continue running with this swing to offer you something very special. You can already find valuable infos here:

Icestock2018 - Schwarz-Koenig

Source: 04.04.2017 (

World record! New best performances in 2018.

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The year 2018 has just begun and we have already amazing news for you! First, on January 20th of 2018, during the the German Championships for Youth and Juniors in Ruhpolding (GER), two athletes have established two top-marks in Target Shooting, one for the women and one for the men Bests’ Lists. And second, just one week afterwards, on January 27th during the Austrian Target-Shooting National Championships in Marchtrenk (AUT), came a new top-achievement for the men bests’ list.

Ruhpolding (GER), 20.01.2018, German Championships for Youth and Juniors
VERENA GOTZLER, from Germany, has set a NEW WORLD RECORD and writes her name on the top of our history books with 201 points! This is a fantastic best-performance, as she not only exceeds the last record by 9 points, she also breaks the magic limit of 200 points for the first time as a woman. Just amazing!
FLORIAN MARCHER, also from Germany, writes 202 points on the ice and equals with this score the third best-mark of all times! Now he is among the Top-6 Men in our Bests’ Lists.

Marchtrenk (AUT), 27.01.2018, Austrian Target-Shooting National Championships
MATTHIAS TAXACHER, from Tirol/Austria, performed an incredible third round during the championships with 204 points, staying thus, just 2 points behind the current World record. He equals with this fantastic score the second-best mark of all times!

The most cheerful congratulations to Verena, Matthias and Florian for these absolutely sensational top-successes!

You can check out the current table of best marks here.

Election of IFI Athletes’ Commission 2018

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Vote for diversity


To: Members taking part in the Men’s and Women’s World Championships 2018


Dear Athletes,

We hereby request that you vote in the elections to our Athletes’ Commission (5 members) which will be held during the Men’s and Women’s Icestock World Championships 2018. 

The time and place of the election will be announced upon registration in Amstetten, Austria.

All athletes who are registered to participate in the World Championships are eligible to vote.

Item 16.3 of our statutes states that the members of the Athletes’ Commission are to be elected according to the rules of the International Olympic Committee. These specify, for example that

  • members of the Athletes’ Commission should be at least 18 years of age,
  • members have never been sanctioned for doping,
  • candidates are taking part in World Championships at the time of the election or have done so in the last four years,
  • members should come from all disciplines,
  • both genders should be represented in the Commission,
  • the members elect a Chairperson,
  • the term of office may be up to 4 years,
  • members may be re-elected if they fulfil the conditions,
  • elections should take part shortly before or after the elections to the Executive Board.

In order to compile a list of candidates, we hereby request our members to nominate a candidate from their association. The person must fulfil the above conditions and, if elected, must be prepared to accept office.

Deadline for nominations (time limit for submissions by fax/email to the IFI Office):29 January 2018

Yours sincerely,
Manfred Schäfer
(IFI President)


WC2018 Women+Men: information documents

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Below, you can download the most relevant documents regarding the World Championships 2018 for Women and Men.

More infos under:

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