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Most important rules (Team Competition)

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what now 2016

Most important Rules concerning Icestocksport (Team Competition)

A new Website page  summarises now the most relevant rules that athletes as well as referees must respect when “being cool” = playing Icestocksport (in winter or summer, as you wish)!

Here is the link to the page: You can reach the page also through the navigation menu: “Athletes” > “Most important rules”.

You can download the corresponding official document here: IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-EN
Available also in German (IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-DE), Spanish (IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-ES), and Russian (coming soon).

Status: 1.10.2017

Youth Camp 2017

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Jugendcamp 2017

In the sports center of  Langenargen/Germany the 15th International Icestocksport Youth Camp took place.

Boys and girls in the age between 10 and 15 years, coming from the host club ESC Langenargen, ESG Mönchweiler, TV Ebhausen, EC Krefeld and the Bavarian clubs SV Untermeitingen and LG Andermannsdorf, arrived already on Friday afternoon to build up their tents and get to know each other.

The team competition started on Saturday morning with 7 Trio teams which were mixed up with players from different clubs. In every team there was a good mix of old and young, male and female coming from different clubs. So the quality of all teams was quite similar and there were a lot of well balanced exciting matches. At the end everybody could win some games and had a lot of fun. The winner at the end was the team which called themselves ‘Polarwölfe’ playing with Sophie Feuerbacher (Ebhausen), Felix Schindlbeck (Andermansdorf) and Anna Greulich (Untermeitingen).

During a longer lunch break, most of the participants took the opportunity to swim in the lake of Constance, having a great view to the mountains of Austria and Switzerland. The afternoon was again reserved for Icestocksport.  But for this special ghost competition, the teams were randomly mixed for every game. All players from the winning teams received after every match a ghost which he had to stick on his breast. At the end it was Felix Schindlbeck from LS Andermansdorf who had the most ghosts and won the competition.

After a good dinner the participants were prepared for some further fun challenges. Starting with rope pulling. Here the kids gave all their passion and energy to beat their rivals. The next discipline, beer mug pushing, forced a quite hand and a good sense for the length. Within ‘Lattlschießen’ the teenagers tried again to reach the highscores and win some small prices. Beside the challenges some youngsters played football, tennis and boule on the wide field of the sports arena. Disco music in parallel supported the good mood and activities of all participants. Until late night the teenagers and also the adults had a lot of fun.

After a collective breakfast on Sunday morning, the tired teens and adults removed their tents and started the way back home with a clear announcement: “We are coming again next year!”

Author: Bruno Morandell

The results:

image002 image001

Some further great images of the event:

1 - Jugendcamp 2017 Gruppenfoto 2 - Jugendcamp 2017 TrioTurnier 3 - Jugendcamp 2017 Geisterturnier 4 - Jugendcamp 2017 Siegerehrung 5 - Jugendcamp 2017 Baden 6 - Jugendcamp 2017 Tauziehen 7 - Jugendcamp 2017 Bierkrugschieben

World Championships 2022 – in Switzerland!

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The IFI Executive Board is very glad to notify that the games of the World Championships for Women and Men (in Target Shooting Individual and Team as well as in the Team Competition) have been assigned per unanimous decision to Wetzikon/Switzerland!

As for now, the dates are fixed for 2022 March the 2nd until the 5th.

More details about this will be conveyed through this Web site in due time.

Special thanks to the national Swiss federation (Schweizerischer Eisstockverband) and cheerful congratulations!

By now we are looking forward to seeing you during the World Championships 2022 in Switzerland.

Some infos about Wetzikon:

The ice rink:

Eishalle Wetzikon


Article’s main image, source:

European Stocksport Champions League 2017

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ESTCL 2017
Since Saturday the 12th of August 2017 the European Stocksport Champions League 2017 is taken place!!!!!
After intensive preparations, together with your International Federation Icestocksprot (IFI), it was possible to start and arrange this great international competition.
On 30th of September 2017 the FINALS will take place in the Raiffeisenarena in Wels/AUT. Don’t miss it!
There is an own Homepage with all relevant infos, e.g. liveticker, tickets, finals, etc.:
You can find all infos about the participating teams (Infosheets) here: (Teaminfo Folder 2017)
This is an event which promises to be out of order;) so check it out and “Be cool, play (Ice/-)Stocksport”!!!
Your IFI!!

Africa Cup 2017 – RESULTS

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Africa Cup 2017

The 7th AFRIKA-CUP for Women and Men (in Team Competition and Target Shooting, on the 22nd of Juli 2017 in Swakopmund / Namibia) came to an end with the following extraordinary results.

The atmosphere was, as usual, sensational and we want to thank everybody for this great event and super organisation!

Congratulations to all the winners!!



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