ESTCL 2017

European Stocksport Champions League 2017

Since Saturday the 12th of August 2017 the European Stocksport Champions League 2017 is taken place!!!!!
After intensive preparations, together with your International Federation Icestocksprot (IFI), it was possible to start and arrange this great international competition.
On 30th of September 2017 the FINALS will take place in the Raiffeisenarena in Wels/AUT. Don’t miss it!
There is an own Homepage with all relevant infos, e.g. liveticker, tickets, finals, etc.:
You can find all infos about the participating teams (Infosheets) here: (Teaminfo Folder 2017)
This is an event which promises to be out of order;) so check it out and “Be cool, play (Ice/-)Stocksport”!!!
Your IFI!!