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WADA webinar for spanish-speaking ADOs (12.9.2018)

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to invite Spanish-speaking Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to a webinar on 12 September 2018, regarding WADA’s Anti-Doping eLearning platform (ADeL), which is the Agency’s central hub for eLearning courses and resources. Launched in January 2018, ADeL allows athletes, coaches and other target groups to improve their knowledge about anti-doping rules while also allowing them to engage with the concept of clean sport.




Citando la fuente original, comunicamos:

Montréal, el 20 de agosto de 2018
Estimados colegas,
La Agencia Mundial Antidopaje (AMA) tiene el gusto de invitar a las Organizaciones Antidopaje de habla hispana (OAD), al Webinario que se llevará a cabo el 12 de septiembre 2018, sobre la plataforma de aprendizaje antidopaje (ADeL) que constituye el núcleo central para los cursos y recursos de aprendizaje vía internet (eLearning). El programa ADeL se inauguró en enero 2018 y permite a los deportistas, entrenadores y otros grupos mejorar sus conocimientos sobre las normas antidopaje, además de comprometerlos con el concepto del deporte limpio. 
El Webinario está especialmente dirigido a las OAD de habla hispana que estén interesadas en implementar programas educativos en línea a través de la utilización de la plataforma ADeL. Este Webinario es la continuación del mismo realizado en idioma Inglés en enero 2018, que se encuentra disponible en el canal de YouTube de la AMA
Debido a la gran cantidad de solicitudes por parte de los Signatarios de la AMA para que se brinden cursos en otros idiomas, ya se encuentran en esta plataforma 10 idiomas y actualmente disponibles en español en los siguientes cursos:

  • Programa de Aprendizaje sobre Salud y Antidopaje (ALPHA)
  • Entrenadores Juego Limpio
  • Guía de Padres

María José Pesce, Directora de la Oficina Latinoamérica de la AMA comentó: “Estamos muy contentos por el interés que la plataforma de ADeL ha generado en Latinoamérica, donde el 98% de la población es de habla hispana. Por este motivo, hemos decidido presentar este Webinario en español, para alcanzar a su audiencia y a otras que puedan beneficiarse del mismo. ADeL es una poderosa herramienta para la comunidad antidopaje y confiamos que mejorará la capacidad de muchas Organizaciones Antidopaje que tal vez no contaban previamente con los recursos para mejorar el desarrollo de sus programas de educación antidopaje.”

Por favor, suscríbanse al webinario

Fecha/Hora: 12 de septiembre 11:00 AM EST (hora de Montréal).

Formato: Los siguientes presentadores del Seminario, proporcionarán generalidades sobre ADeL, seguido de una sesión de preguntas y respuestas.

  • María José Pesce: Directora, Oficina Latinoamérica
  • Tony Cunningham: Gerente Senior, Educación
  • Francisco León: Gerente, Relaciones ONAD/ORAD
  • Edna Serra: Coordinadora, Oficina Latinoamérica

Para registrarse y recibir posteriores instrucciones, simplemente visite:

Para hacer sus preguntas en la sesión de  Preguntas y Respuestas, o por cualquier otro comentario relacionado al Webinario, puede dirigirse a: o

Cordiales saludos,

 Agencia Mundial Antidopaje


EGP Youth U16 2018 – Results

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The 16th Euro Grand Prix (EGP) for Youth U16 2018 ended successfully in Pleinting (Germany), where the best talents have been determined out of the best European Icestock players that are under 16 years age.

In spite of the hot temperatures, the 37 participating Icestock youngsters from Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia have shown best performances in the individual as well as in the team competitions.

IFI Vice-president Peter Longo was impressed with the overall hospitality, said “this was a very successful tournament!” and praised the organisers as well as the fantastic atmosphere in Pleinting.

A. Christmann (EC Eintracht Pleinting), P. Longo (IFI)

In the individual finals for boys, the whole podium belonged to Germany. For the girls there was a 1st place and 3rd place for Italy (correspondingly for Nadia Dezini and Nicole Kühbacher), whereby Viktoria Schuhbeck won the 2nd place. In the nation’s competition for Target Shooting the Germans were successful, followed by Austria and Italy. After that, Germany I won the team competition, with Austria I and Germany II following in the ranking. All in all, it was a very nice and high-performing athletic Euro Youth Grand Prix.


Results EGP Youth U16 2018 – Results

Press release – Passau (in German language)

Vilshofen 20180807 Helmuth Rücker


IFI Fanpage

Acknowledgement for images: Manuela Hallhuber




Dreams got true

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Olympic rings TM

International Federation Icestocksport Receives Recognition by the International Olympic Committee!

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has granted provisional recognition to the International Federation Icestocksport (IFI). The decision was taken during the meeting of the IOC’s Executive Board (EB), which was held on Thursday, July 19, 2018, in Lausanne (Switzerland).  IFI serves as the international sports governing body of all Icestocksport disciplines.

IFI-President Manfred Schäfer commented on the recognition “We are extremely proud to be recognized by the IOC Executive Board now, formally joining the Olympic family and we will continue to work hard to promote the values as stated in the Olympic Charter and further manifested in IOC´s Olympic Agenda 2020. The world of Icestocksport thanks the IOC Executive Board and administration for their support and trust, and our National Federations from five continents, board of directors, and athletes for their enthusiasm and never-ending belief in this process.”

The International Olympic Committee in its formal release stated that the International Federation Icestocksport (IFI) “was granted provisional IOC recognition by the EB. This IF will now be able to receive funding from the IOC and can apply for development programmes. Full IOC recognition must be granted by the IOC Session after the probation period.”

“We are fully aware that we now have two years of continued work ahead of us to prepare IFI for the permanent recognition to be granted by the IOC Session,” added IFI-President Schäfer. “The Icestocksport family is looking ahead to exciting times and opportunities given by the recognition”.

In a letter to IFI President Manfred Schäfer, IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach wrote “Please accept my official welcome to the Olympic family as an IOC Recognised Federation and my congratulations to the IFI. The IOC looks forward to working in partnership with you for the benefit and development of your sport and your athletes.”

Your IFI Executive Board.


From now on, valid for your IFI:

IOC - IF Recognised

Further interesting links:

Source, main image:




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INVITATION to the 16th EURO GRAND PRIX for YOUTH U16 on summer floor in 94474 Vilshofen / Pleinting (GER)

Organiser: International Federation Icestocksport – IFI

Executive organ: EC Eintracht Pleinting e.V

Allowed to start: all European members of the IFI with a max. of 2 (two) teams

When: Sat. 4th and Sun. 5th of August 2018

Where: 94474 Vilshofen am Sportfeld 2 a  (Wolf Arena), Germany

Competitions: Target Individual, Target Team with a max. of 1 (one) team per nation and Team Competition with a max. of 2 Teams per nation

Allow to play: all players must be born on or after 1st of October 2001

Registration: until 15th of July 2018. Send the nation and the names of your players to the business unit of IFI, Postbox 24 06 31, D-68176 Mannheim (GER) or per Fax to the he number 0049 621 827665  or per E-Mail to

All rights for modifications reserved to the organisers with the executive organs.

We wish you a nice trip to the event and best success for the competitions!


For more details, DOWNLOAD the original invitation (in German)




Information for IFI Members

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Information for our Members: temporary appointment of PETER LONGO (ITA) as Vice-President for International Affairs

Mannheim, 25 June 2018


Dear Members,

Baldur Brandt (AUT), who was elected to the office of Vice-President for International Affairs at the IFI Congress 2018, has resigned from this post as of 5 June 2018.

In accordance with our Statutes (Section 15.5), the “remaining Board members shall be entitled to appoint a temporary deputy member.” This has meanwhile been done by means of a vote by the Executive Board via email. On 19 June 2018, the IFI Office observed that

  • eight Executive Board members had voted,
  • all the votes cast were valid, and
  • all eight votes were in favour of Peter Longo.


Thus Peter Longo (ITA) is appointed as temporary deputy Vice-President for International Affairs.


This appointment applies until the next Congress (expected to take place in early 2020). Peter Longo has accepted the appointment.



Manfred Schaefer, President



18-06-25 Peter Longo (IFI temp. appointment – information for IFI members – englisch)



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