The IFI “Commission for Sport and Active Society” is composed by the following members:

  • Udo Reichenecker (BLR) – Chairman
  • Maritta Niutanen–Salminen (FIN)
  • Andrzej Korbal (POL)

Thanks to all three for their readiness to help us and we wish all the best.

In line with our movements and efforts towards Olympic Sport and in accordance with

  • The Sport and Active Society Commission (formerly the Sport for All Commission) advises the the IFI Executive Board on all the activities of the Olympic Movement that are related to using sport to improve physical activity in the population, giving access to sport as a right for all, and on engaging in sports activities with a special focus on youth.
  • Olympic Agenda 2020 reflects the fact that sport is more important in society than ever, and increasing activity and engagement in sport in society should be a key goal of governments and non-governmental agencies throughout the world.
  • The responsibilities of the Sport and Active Society Commission are to:
    • Give input on relevant activities related to the implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020 specifically related to promoting an active life style in society, with a focus on youth;
    • Engaging society in sport and work with various parties to build on the sport legacy of the Olympic Games and major events to get the wider community active;
    • Facilitate synergies among various organisations, which work to increase the accessibility of sport as a right for all.