The Congress is the IFI’s highest level of authority.

The implementation of the Congress is governed by rules of procedure. Since 2004, an Ordinary Congress has been held every two years (years with even numbers). If World Championships take place that year, the Congress has to take place within the context of those World Championships.

Member Federations can apply to organize Congresses. The award is made by the Congress. The place and time have to be indicated at the time of the application. Every Member has one vote and can send a maximum of three delegates to the Congress. Before the beginning of the Congress, every representative of a Member Country is required to submit his or her power of attorney. Members of the IFI Presiding Board do not have the right to vote at the Congress. They also cannot be representatives of their Federation. Motions are passed by simple majority. In case of a tie, a motion shall be deemed to be rejected. Amendments to the Statutes require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.

An Extraordinary Congress may be called by the IFI Presiding Board at any time. Upon application by one-fifth of the voting Members, the IFI President or, if he or she is unable to do so, the Vice-President, shall call an Extraordinary Congress, stating the motions, to be held within 30 days. The Members shall be informed of the agenda.

At the suggestion of Members, an Ordinary Congress can award distinctions to deserving individuals working within the IFI in accordance with the “Rules of Awarding Honours and Distinctions”.


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