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Most important rules (Team Competition)

Most important Rules concerning Icestocksport (Team Competition)

A new Website page  summarises now the most relevant rules that athletes as well as referees must respect when “being cool” = playing Icestocksport (in winter or summer, as you wish)!

Here is the link to the page: http://www.icestocksport.com/2016/en/die-wichtigsten-regeln/. You can reach the page also through the navigation menu: “Athletes” > “Most important rules”.

You can download the corresponding official document here: IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-EN
Available also in German (IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-DE), Spanish (IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-ES), and Russian (IFI-most-important-rules_01.10.2017-RU).

Status: 1.10.2017