Everywhere and at any time on your Smartphone: our Mobile GameCounter*.

For a game with your friends or training games of your club.

  • Anywhere and anytime on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackbarry or any other!) with our mobile Game Counter
  • Track your game as anonymous user (“Gastspiel”) or with an IFI-account (just register through the mobile Game Counter)
  • The Game Counter automatically saves the results after each lane (“Kehre”)
  • The Game Counter shows also open (not finished) games (also for a “Gastspiel”)
  • The Game Counter offers you also a “Revanche” function
  • The Game Counter saves all your games in your IFI-account, shown on this Website under the menu “Eisstock-Welt”>”Member Area” (“Icestock World”>”Member Area“)

coming soon

  • Partial results after each lane (“Kehre”)
  • Publishing of game results through our Web2.0 services


Go NOW ONLINE with your smartphone and follow THIS LINK 


* the Game Counter is still under development as beta version. For problems please send an email to support@brokenlink.at.

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