World Championships 2018 Women+Men

Icestock WM 2018

The Icestock World Championships 2018 in Amstetten und Winklarn (AUT) are highly likely going to be The IFI Sports Event Of The Year! A complete region is looking forward to seeing the athletes from all over the Icestock World. Thus, take note now of the days from the 20th of Febraury until the 3rd of March and save them into your calendar as the Big Event of the New Year! Be sure, you will experience there “friend- and sportmansip” with a very unique Austrian hospitality.

The organisation of the event has been going full spped since many months and continue running with this swing to offer you something very special. You can already find valuable infos here:

Icestock2018 - Schwarz-Koenig

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