The Continental Associations (CAs) of Icestocksport serve as IFI branch in the respective territory and their members are the IFI member National Federations on such continent. The Executive of the Continental Association of Icestocksport is composed of at least the President, a Vice President, a Secretary General/Treasurer and an Athletes Representative. A Representative of each upcoming IFI Championships Local Tournament Organising Committee may be appointed as a non-voting observer by the Executive Committee.

The Objectives of each Continental Association are:
(1)    to serve as a forum for issues affecting IFI Member National Federations of the International Federation Icestocksport in the respective region (as definded by the IOC);
(2)    to act as the catalyst for the development and promotion of Icestocksport in the respective region including the development of new members, a growth in participation, a higher level of competitive play, and the promotion of Fair-Play;
(3)    to serve as the Continental Association for Icestocksport in relations with the Continental Olympic Committees and to pursue the admission of Icestocksport to the Olympic Games; and
(4)    to provide input and support for the organization of Icestocksport events of IFI of the respective territory, to improve the organizational level of events, and secure participation in the events throughout this region.


Continental Associations der IFI

  • Icestocksport Federation Africa (IFA)
  • Icestocksport Federation America (IFAM)
  • Icestocksport Federation Asia-Oceania (IFAO)
  • Icestocksport Federation Europe (ISFE)


IFI Continental Associations 2020 – Executive