LIKE ICE! is an official partner of the IFI

LIKE ICE! has started a cooperation with AST, one of the world’s largest real-ice providers, and thus the world’s first full service ice-sports service provider. This cooperation of both companies enables new offers on the market, such as rentals, hire-purchases or the classic purchase. IFI, LIKE-ICE! and AST have set themselves the goal of promoting Icestocksport and, under the slogan “Future Icestocksport”, offer a ZERO-RISK offer for Icestocksport clubs to purchase a LIKE-ICE! playing surface.

During the Icestocksport World Championship in Amstetten (2017), the company LIKE-ICE! mpresented its new product LIKE-ICE! ES Sport. The product LIKE-ICE! ES Sport – a year-round sports surface – is a new and innovative option for sport available to Icestocksport worldwide. In summer, the surface is approved by the IFI for usage in championships. The final games of the Champions League (e.g. 2017, 2018) were also played on it. In winter operation, the surface behaves like pond ice and allows the usage of winter soles as well as the use of wooden stocks, Carinthian stocks and the like. Hence, a year-round ice sports surface.

The connection system, which is very simple and flexible to use, allows multiple use both at the club’s own location (outdoor, indoor or alternating), as well as the use of third-party locations such as shopping centers, restaurants and much more. This not only makes it easier to represent your icestocksport, it also allows additional new approaches in the refinancing of your LIKE-ICE! ES surfaces.

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Documents about the ZERO-RISK offer for Icestocksport clubs to purchase a LIKE-ICE! surface: