At the suggestion of the IFI Examination Office, the first testing kits for testing Icestocksport equipment were made by the Wallnöfer company back in 1979. On the basis of experience of using the measurement devices in the kit, we modified and simplified the gauges in 1993.This enabled the Stöckl company to offer these custom-made items at reasonable prices. The referees soon familiarised themselves with the use of the measurement devices. Initially, the error detection rate was very high, but in recent years there have been hardly any problems relating to prohibited items of equipment. However, it also became apparent that improvements could still be made to the first version of the testing kit manufactured by Stöckl. The scales, various gauges and end gauges are constructed in such a way that an experienced referee can use these measurement devices to check quickly and easily any item of equipment used in Icestocksport for possible faults. It is recommended that referees using the testing kit familiarise themselves with the use of the individual gauges. In case of any uncertainty, referees holding an A licence or the IFI Technical Examination Office are available to offer advice. This document contains a list of the items contained in the testing kit and what they can be used to examine. It also provides a guide to examining items of sports equipment.

List of the measurement devices contained in the testing kit

  • Electronic scales (manufactured by Soehnle or equivalent)
  • Gauge no. 1
  • Gauge no. 2
  • Gauge no. 3
  • Gauge no. 4
  • Gauge no. 5
  • Measurement device no. 6 ( magnifying glass )
  • Gauge no. 7
  • Gauge no. 8
  • Gauge no. 10, pocket protractor
  • Gauge no. 11
  • Hand-held drill
  • Tape measure (5m)
  • Suction device
  • Feeler gauge 0.2 or 0.4 mm
  • It is suggested that the referee supplement the examination pack with the following items:

Protractor for setting angle of 1 to 2º on the sliding soles
Hammer 250 g
Screwdriver – slit
Screwdriver – Phillips
Referee’s jacket or shirt
Official rule books – International Icestock Rules; International Rules of Play
List of sports equipment, latest version
Spare battery for scales
Weights for comparison
Calliper gauge (calliper) 150 mm
Pocket calculator
Stamp and ink pad
Referee’s game report
Starting card
Confiscation or disqualification of equipment report
Receipt for fines (failure to submit player’s pass)
Receipt for fines (non-standard attire)

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